Top 3 Couples Photo Spots in Singapore

The modern townscape of Singapore is simply captivating. Its popularity is rapidly growing as a top destination for honeymoons, anniversaries, and families.

With skyscrapers and dazzling night skylines, your wedding photos are sure to be gorgeous and beautiful.

Here, we will introduce our top 3 picks for honeymoon and pre wedding photo shoots in Singapore.

As an added bonus, we share some of our favorite tourist spots too! You won't be able to resist Singapore's lively atmosphere by the end. ♪

Gardens by the Bay

Wedding Photo at Gardens by the Bay
photo by
Wedding Photo at Gardens by the Bay
photo by 2 of us
Wedding Photo at Gardens by the Bay
photo by 2 of us

The modern townscape is simply incredible. Singapore is rapidly growing as a popular vacation spot. If you visit, you can take wedding photos that are guaranteed to be gorgeous and beautiful! One spot where you can take such photos is Gardens by the Bay. If you scroll down, you'll see even more suggestions for locations.♪

ArtScience Museum: A one-of-a-kind building♡

Wedding Photo at the ArtScience Museum
photo by 2 of us

The museum's construction was based on the fusion between art and science.

  • It features three concepts: Curiosity, Inspiration, and Expression.
    This impressive and unique museum has exhibitions that are worth taking a peek at! ☆

Merlion Park: A dreamy spot that comes alive at night

Wedding Photo Taken at the Merlion Park
photo by 2 of us
Wedding Photo Taken at the Merlion Park
photo by 2 of us

The Merlion Park is famous for its Merlion, a famous symbol of Singapore. The Merlion lights up at night, and provides illumination for sightseeing and memorable photos. You also have a complete view of the nighttime cityscape, which is a must-see part of the country! Marina Bay Sands lights up too, so you can enjoy all that Singapore's night view has to offer.

How would you like to visit Singapore?
Location photos in this country provide a modern, impressive background.
If you're looking for photos to show off to everyone, Singapore is the place to do it.

Scroll down to see more recommended tourist spots!
Singapore starts its day later than other countries, so stores open a little later too.
If the day starts later, then there's less hours of sunlight. So let's take this chance to enjoy the beautiful night spots that are in the area!

If you're planning a honeymoon trip to Singapore...*


Must-See Attractions in Singapore ☆ Hot Tourism Spots

Marina Bay Sands

Photo from Singapore Navi

 Marina Bay Sands is unforgettable-- its appeal and beauty earns it a spot in Singapore's must-see list of attractions. A hotel on the inside, with a beautiful infinity pool on the top floor for a night-time view of the city. The financial district fans out on one side of the hotel, and boasts a line of skyscrapers that create a wonderful flurry of lights.

What's more, you can see the Singapore Strait on the other side.
The Singapore Strait connects the Pacific and Indian ocean, and has many boats come through. These boats come alive at night with their many lights; almost like a nightlight show!

Seeing the everchanging illumination made of boats on their journey is definitely a sight to see.

Sentosa Island: Many places to see!♪

Photo from the Resort World Sentosa Official Website

At the Sentosa Island Beach, there is an island resort complete with an amusement park and hotel. It's filled to the brim with leisure activities, including Universal Studios, Resort World Sentosa, the Adventure Cove Waterpark!
The Adventure Cove Waterpark has over 200,000 tropical fish that you can swim alongside with in the rainbow reef-- a recommended activity for any visitor!

The Singapore Zoo: Over 270 Types of Animals!

Photo from the Traveloco Blog 

The Singapore Zoo covers a vast area, covered with tropical flowers and trees. With other 270 types of animals, and 3,000 animals total, there's so much to see!♪
You can see the animals up close, and there are even white tigers playing around.
The white tigers are beautiful, with an incredible white fur coating and grey-tint eyes that are sure to charm you.

Clarke Quay: It's like a SF Film!

Photo from Singapore Navi 

Clarke Quay is the perfect place for experiencing night-life in Singapore. The streets in Clarke Quay are lined with restaurants, clubs, and cafes that feature bright neon lights that shine brightly in the night. The night brings a light breeze from the river, you can enjoy cuisine from many parts of the world.
The neon lights that flash red and purple give off a unique feel reminiscent of a Science Fiction film. It's perfect for people interested in experiencing Singapore's unique vibes-- try it out for dinner sometime!☆ 

Take your dream photos in Singapore!

Are you ready to visit Singapore? The spots we introduced above are photogenic, and will elevate your honeymoon or pre wedding photos to a new level. 

These experiences you have as a couple are precious. Remember, they are once-in-a-lifetime!
If you ever decide to visit Singapore as a couple, please have a wonderful time♪

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