5 Sweet Prop Ideas for Your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Your pre-wedding photo shoot is your time to have the most freedom and fun. What better way to do this than with some super cute props?

Prop Ideas Banners

I love you! — Photo by by SORAIRO
On the car — Photo by by SEWAKI OFFICE
It can even be done in different languages! — Photo by by Leaf wedding
surprise! — Photo by Leaf wedding
Just Married! — Photo by Kenji Fujimoto

"I ♡ You" "Happy Wedding" "Just Married" "Welcome" "Thank You" — The possibilities are endless! 

Not just for hanging on a wall, banners are a great way to add some personal spice to your photo shoot. Easy to make yourself or order online, the text on them has endless possibilities. From the date of your special day to the names of you and your partner, you can even have select phrases printed on them! Holding up "Welcome" banners and "Thank you for coming" banners also makes for great photos to use at your wedding reception. 

The '&' Symbol and Letters 

Me & You — Photo by Leaf wedding
K&M — Photo by Leaf wedding
You Me and this tree! — Photo byYEWKONG Photography
LOVE ! — Photo by STUDIO BLUE by Like us
Walking together in Kyoto — Photo by Katakura Photo Office

Whether combining it with words and letters or just using the symbol itself, ampersands are a very popular pick for photo shoots! Many people enjoy holding the initials of themselves and their partner while others prefer to use '&' symbol by itself. This kind of prop is easy to make yourself but also cheap to buy or order online for those who are short on time.

Message Signs and Boards

Backpacking couple — Photo by Tolocca|Bespoke Photography
Message Date — Photo by Jen Linfield Photography
Thank you message in the sun flower fields  — Photo by Tolocca|Bespoke Photography
Chat Bubbles — Photo by Leaf wedding
Signs! — Photo by Happy Life Photo works
Mr. & Mrs. signs! — Photo by trickster photography
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Just like banners and prop letters, message boards and signs are a great addition to your photo shoot. Many couples choose to use chalkboards or whiteboards since they are erasable and you can rewrite rewrite rewrite! Another option is printing out, or even drawing, some custom signs of your own. We see "Save the Date" signs used a lot in engagement photo shoots while "Thank You" signs (for thank you cards after the wedding) are popular among couples taking pre-wedding photos.

Hobby Props

Reading — Photo by SORAIRO
Badminton  — Photo by SORAIRO
Couple playing golf  — Photo by A&K STUDIO
Basketball — Photo by Nacky Photo
drawing a tulip — Photo by Tolocca|Bespoke Photography
take me out to the ball game! — Photo by studio LUCUSS  
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This is possibly the most popular type of prop for couples taking engagement and pre-wedding photos. Whether a hobby was how you met your special partner, or it simply helped you to both bond even closer, hobby-related props are a personable and fun thing to include into your photo shoots. From reading to gaming to cross-country skiing, they add a touch of personal style to your photos and commemorate your special memories together. 

Furry Family Members   

Bride and groom with their dog  — Photo by Yasunari hirayama
With wedding doggo — Photo by Amit Bar
kitty cat! — Photo by Candy Decorations
Happy family and their doggos — Photo by Rina Smile Photography
Couple and their dog — Photo by elle pupa
Doggies and couple  — Photo by ecoo
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For those with (furry) children, why not include your fluffy companions in your photo shoot? (Pets are family after all!) If you have an especially chill kitty or pooch, you can even try dressing them up for the occasion.

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