Tokyo Tower & Shibuya Crossing Pre Wedding Shoot!

For many couples, traveling overseas together is a dream come true. The hustle and bustle of Shibuya Crossing, the twinkling romance of Tokyo Tower, and the eclectic mishmash of the modern and traditional. For this couple from California, it just made sense to commemorate their Tokyo travels with a photo shoot. In this photo report, we’ll follow the couple with their photographer, Aki from Natsumetic Photography, on their pre wedding journey through the city.

This photo shoot features an exclusive interview with the pre-wedding clients visiting from the United States.

Photographer Introduction

Natsumetic Photography Profile Photo

Our talented photographer this time is Aki, from Natsumetic Photography. He is a Korean-Japanese photographer based in Tokyo, and is popular amongst our clients! He captures the feeling behind every photo, and particularly enjoys wedding and landscape photography.

Check out his portfolio here!

Thank you again to the featured couple for participating in the interview below!
A Black and White Couple Photo in front of Tokyo Tower (Famarry)

In front of Tokyo Tower. It looks just like a movie scene!

Why did you decide on a pre wedding photo shoot in Japan?

My husband and I actually planned a trip to Japan before I had the idea of doing a prewedding photoshoot there. It just made sense after I connected the dots. The two of us really like Japan and this is the first time we're traveling overseas AND to Japan together, and we wanted to commemorate that and our marriage with a photoshoot at one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

Couple Photo at Shibuya Crossing by Natsumetic Photography (Famarry)
Natsumetic Photography-- Couple sharing a moment in Shibuya Crossing (Famarry)

Shibuya, Tokyo. The skyscrapers are wonderful backdrops for portrait photography.

Why did you choose Famarry for your photoshoot?

I found Famarry while I was googling prewedding photographers before my trip to Japan. I liked the site because it offered to connect me with photographers at different price points, and also have a collection of samples so I can see the photographer's work before making a decision. The customer support representative was also very responsive and offered me multiple options after understanding my needs, so I appreciated that as well.

Natsumetic Photography Couple Photo at Shibuya (Famarry)

Natsumetic Photography Jumping Photo at Shibuya Crossing! (Famarry)

Shibuya Crossing is rumored to be the busiest intersection in the world.

How did you prepare for the shoot?

Because we wanted to make the most out of our trip exploring instead of spending a lot of time dealing with hair, makeup and clothes, I brought a few semi-formal dresses and shoes to Japan wear for the shoot. We also purchased my husband's suit in Shibuya, which was very affordable and he can use for future events. I did my own makeup and put on a headband. My husband and I ended up going up to Tokyo Tower in our semi-formal attire afterwards, and it was actually quite a lot of fun.

Natsumetic - In the streets of Japan (Famarry)
Natsumetic - Holding hands down the streets of Shibuya (Famarry)

Natsumetic - Smiling together while walking the streets of Japan(Famarry)

Natsumetic - Couple Together in Streets (Famarry)

A quieter part of Shibuya—a short walk away from Shibuya Crossing!

How was working with Natsumetic Photography?

Aki was so awesome and friendly. He gave us easy instructions on the best way to pose or what we can do in order for him to capture the best photos (we wanted to take a photo at Shibuya Crossing, which you can imagine was not easy). Because we wanted to take photos at 2 locations, he was really accommodating and led us directly to take the transportation needed to get to Tokyo Tower in a timely manner (I wanted to take photos around the time the sun was setting at Tokyo Tower so time was of the essence). Aki also helped me locate a clean restroom to change in as well because I wanted to wear a different outfit for the location change. (continued below)

Natsumetic - A Candid Moment (Famarry)

Candid Photo in-between locations

In addition, he pulled up all the inspiration photos I’ve sent him and fulfilled each and every one of them. He also gave recommendations and took us to nearby places that he knows would be a great backdrop. I can tell he did a lot of research and prep work before our shoot, and I really appreciated that professionalism. He also turned the photos around really quickly, all of them already edited. It was great working with Aki!

Natsumetic - Photo in front of Tokyo Tower(Famarry)
Natsumetic - Dramatic Posing in front of Tokyo Tower (Famarry)

Our stunning couple with the one and only Tokyo Tower.

Do you have any advice for couples who are planning their photo shoots right now?

I did research on the internet before my trip for inspiration of what I wanted my photos to look like, which I sent to Aki. This really helped him understand what I was envisioning, as opposed to me trying to describe to him what I want (which never usually goes well in these situations, esp. when you only have a limited amount of time with the photographer). As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so help the photographer understand your vision which will make it so much easier for them to make it a reality.

I'd also say, don't be afraid to ask questions. Professional photographers usually have a good idea of what they're able to deliver (number of photos they can have available after a shoot, etc.) and can accommodate certain requests if they're not over the top and are provided ahead of time.

Try to enjoy the experience and communicate! While you might be doing this for the first time, it's not often that you have a professional photographer following you around taking photos of you. So let them know what's on your mind so the photographers can capture your vision as best they can and also add their creativity to it too!

Natsumetic - A beautiful Tokyo Tower Photo in the early night (Famarry)

And there you have it! A wonderful Shibuya & Tokyo Tower photoshoot for our lovely couple. Thank you very much to the couple for providing us in-depth information on their experience and for allowing us to share their photos. Please take a look at Natsumetic Photography's portfolio to see more photos, or perhaps send an inquiry for your own photo shoot adventures! Thank you for reading!

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