A Fashionable Pre Wedding Photo Shoot around Tokyo Station

For camera-shy Saki and her partner Ted, the idea of preparing a pre wedding photo shoot was the last thing on their minds while getting ready for their nuptials. But the couple decided to take pre wedding pictures to make use of their wedding attire, get used to being in front of the camera and have something to send to guests as invitations! For their pre wedding photo shoot, the couple was looking for natural but fashion magazine-esque photos. Picking Kazuki Takano as their photographer, here is their story with Famarry.

Couple in Tokyo — Photo by Kazuki Takano

Q. Why Famarry?

After seeing all the beautiful pictures and helpful information on the Famarry Instagram we decided to look more into the website. I even used Instagram to look for my dress, and ways to do my hair & makeup haha!

Q. How did you prepare your outfits and accessories?

It felt like it took forever to find the perfect dress for the wedding. After finding it, we decided to do a pre wedding photo shoot to "get more bang for our buck". Ted, who really likes more western-style clothes, found some clothes he already owned to match my dress. We bought the bouquet at a flower shop that was close to our photo shoot location. And the hair & makeup was done by the same salon we plan to use for our actual wedding day! So it felt like a practice run for everybody. 

Husband bowtie — Photo by Kazuki Takano
Bridal bouquet— Photo by Kazuki Takano

Couple holding hands — Photo by Kazuki Takano
Couple in Tokyo — Photo by Kazuki Takano

Q. How did you communicate with your photographer Kazuki Takano? 

We were able to talk about things like place, date and time using the messaging feature on Famarry. Since we met and are getting married in Tokyo, we wanted something that was very Tokyo-esque. We're so thankful that Kazuki suggested Tokyo station and many great spots in the area.

For the camera shy couple

With the knowledge of the couple being camera-shy, photographer Kazuki Takano decided to keep the shots more candid. 

Candid photo of pre wedding photo shoot — Photo by Kazuki Takano

The couple's favorite photo

With both partners smiling, this was Saki & Ted's favorite photo. 

Couple in-front of Tokyo station — Photo by Kazuki Takano

Break-time shot

Resting in front of a vintage brick building, this candid shot certainly looks like it could appear in a magazine! 

Magazine pre wedding shot — Photo by Kazuki Takano

Couple in-front of Tokyo station — Photo by Kazuki Takano

Behind Tokyo Station


Jump shot!

An adorable shot that the couple timed perfectly!

jump shot — Photo by Kazuki Takano

A lot of love ❤️

A sweet moment of the couple sharing a cute hug between shots. 


Making their way downtown 


Anndd....That's a wrap!

The couple felt at ease during their photo shoot, just as if they were spending a day out together. Bringing out the best of their smiles and love, Saki & Ted were so happy they chose Kazuki Takano as their photographer. The photo shoot has made the couple even more excited for their wedding day!


Photographer: Kazuki Takano

Location: Tokyo Station Area

Thank you Saki! Instagram here: @yud270

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